td2013bHello and welcome to my new blog. My name is Tasha Dillon and I’m excited to begin sharing these steps of faith with you and trust that we can glean life’s wisdom, encouragement, and success notes from each other.

I am blogging as an opportunity to share what I have learned and am learning though my experiences as I serve and have served within church, community, educational, civic and governmental entities. You will find that I enjoy and encourage transparent conversation and various viewpoints, that are respectful and about the issue at hand.

My learning experiences vary from life in general, to being educated in the public school system, ju-co (junior college), university, and theological institutions. As my Web site states, my mother raised me to volunteer within and give back to community, which has brought me into my pastoral call and my 501c(3) Executive Director roll. My years of service and awareness propelled me to an exciting 2011 history-making candidacy for State Representative, after serving as a director in city government and in tourism. With a rich family history and legacy in Civil Rights, equality and fairness are always relevant goals.

All of these experiences have given me comfort and confidence in sharing helpful principles for success and discussing issues and concerns that impact life, as I believe the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, impacts all areas of life – spiritual, social, civic and governmental. We are whole humans and we have a Word that impacts the whole human experience.

I have received a degree in business administration, a Master of Divinity (anticipating completing my Doctoral), am a certified tourism professional, and recently chosen to participate in the distinguished Leadership Mississippi program (December 2013) – the second oldest leadership program in the Nation.

I believe that what we share in these blogs will give us insights that will help to move our lives and communities from bankrupt to bounty! Again, welcome to steps of faith. Let’s grow together!


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