#WeDoneLetThemSinnersInTheChurch It does not matter what you do or where you go, you will encounter fakers, instigators, liars, backstabbers, hell raisers and two-facers. The church is THE place that gives an open invitation and says “Come. Come as you are.” No master level training is required. No perfection is expected. No resume of accomplishments needed. No vouchers that you’re a good person requested. Nope. Just come. You, you, and you.

Then you get there and bump into people just like you – real and regular, world-worn, tired & torn, sin-sick, messed-up-from-the-neck-up, toe-up-from-the-flo’-up, unclean, BUT believing people. You can get shocked. Still, do not miss seeing Jesus because you see His people who are in process. Some of Jesus’ people will be jacked-up but still saying Jesus stuff, with their lives running amuck. What’s going on 🤔😲🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️?!

What’s going on is a continual washing, a reworking of the mind, retraining of the body, growing up the new babe in Christ while the old man is shot down and shut out; deliverance from evil spirits and ungodly works, breaking of strongholds and generational curses … working things out of someone that took decades to get worked in. For some it happens quickly (hallelujah) and others not so much. We are not puppets for God. He gave us a free will to choose – love Him or leave Him. That’s on you and me.

And, if you think Jim Bob or Silly Suzy is a horrible church goer, just imagine how much rougher they were without church. I’d rather see them shouting at the altar than staying altered by the world. Churches are FILLED with imperfect people who God knows how to love perfectly. Jesus is the Healer, Cleaner, and Miracle Worker.

Are there hypocrites, users, and abusers? Yep. Are there ones who should be further along? Yep. Are there shiesty ones? Yep. Are there gifted ones lifted up but know little about God? Yep. I’ve encountered some rough ones on this journey. Glad I saw Jesus more than I saw them🙌🏾. Get away from them. Wolves do come in sheep’s clothing. Do NOT condone them.

Yes, the Bible believing churches have the answer. The Word is what works. No Word, nothing works. All churches are not the same😲🤭. Every profession has access to the same resources but not every professional uses them. If a pro stops training, refuses continuing education studies – it does not make the profession bad, but it will eventually render them outdated or behind. They can still practice but will do so poorly.

Sin and sinners have always been in the church. Who told you different?

People are people, in and out of the church. You will encounter them in life. Whether you make it beyond the ones who rub you wrong depends on what’s in you! What’s working in you is where the difference comes, whether you become better or bitter, stuck in time or getting a breakthrough just in time.

The devil’s doctrine is that there is no God, you are your own god. There is no Jesus and your sins are yours to reap. And, most importantly, satan will have you believe there is no him and there is no hell. He blinds the minds of those who choose not to believe. 2Cor 4:3-4, 10:3-5, John 8:44

I am glad to report that there are Christians who are mature, who live clean, who love deeper, who are humble, who do forgive, who aren’t trying to model the world or be molded by the popular opinion. There are praying, Bible-believing Christians who know Him. Follow them as they follow Christ. If they go left, you stay right, eyes on Him!

Wherever you go, whatever you are seeking for, you will find. That’s good or bad, for or against. Never back down from what is true. Jesus alone still saves. If you’re woke but can’t see, go back to sleep. #WokeAndAwakened #WhosoeverWillComeLetHimCome