No one person can fight #every societal, spiritual, or cultural problem that you come across, or you will be fruitlessly fighting every moment of your shortened life. Even Jesus chose His battles AND took time off. Wisdom is knowing when, what, with whom, and how much.

The hungry and the hurting will always be. No church, social group, outreach, or preacher can “cure” that. To attack ev-er-y ill that arises is not the will. All you can do is your part, period. Be okay with that. People cast blame on this group or that one, because it’s the easy way in which the enemy uses influence to divide communities.

I am not a polite or passive person, preacher, or pastor 👉🏽in regards to social ills. That is who I am. God designed me. I do not need approval or pats on the back to follow what is in me. God settled that. You should be the same.

In this one☝🏽 life you are given, in order to live it fully, YOU have to find your lane, run it, and be who #you are called to be. I support that. Do not let others put pressure on you – that you spoke on ‘this’ issue but not on ‘that.’ And, even if others refuse to see the #real you, you still #need to be that for which you are called to. Tell haters and instigators #byebye, see you later 👋🏽. John 15:16 #ChurchLady #CommunityLover #JustARandomRamble