You were about to throw in the towel and say, so what, whatever, I don’t care. This moment will pass, please don’t do those things that will take you deeper into despair. Hang on, call someone for prayer. Tell them how bad you’re hurting, and be honest about the pain. You DO have others who care.

Your future days matter to a lot of people. You #feel defeated but you are not done. The life in your body testifies to that. This ain’t easy but it will surely strengthen your walk. Hurt, hate it, but heal. Cry, but don’t hide in the closet, walk til you crossover.

#GreaterIsInYou, don’t count your best future out. Life will hit hard, but with help and hope, you can handle this. You can still be on the way! I just prayed about #YOU because God has you in His future plans.

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