I did not know Valentines Day is aka Single Awareness Day (S. A. D.). What the worlds 🤦🏽‍♀️. #ValentinesDay is what it is, a day of expressing romantic love, loving relationships, and love interests.

Do not let being alone make your mouth buy you a ticket to Lonelyville, All Year. Declare your heart’s desire, not your past disappointments. Do you discuss your reality? Yes. But confessing: “I’ll never find someone.” “Women don’t want a good man, anymore.” “I don’t need a man.” “I’m too busy for a relationship.” Noooo. God made you for someone.

There are really good men who are ready for relationships and phenomenal women who are ready, as well.

#WOMEN A super sweet woman can deny and deprive herself through being snared by her words. If you want love, want it 🤷🏽‍♀️. You can be ready and not be desperate. We all ‘need’ things but it does not make you ‘needy.’ 🗣It’s okay. Culture has told us – you’re strong alone, don’t sound weak, ‘you yo’ own boo.’ #CutItOut #ReadyForLoveAndInWaiting #GodDeliveredMeToo🙋🏽‍♀️

#MEN There is a woman who is successful, or on her way up, AND still sees you as Superman — not because of your stuff but because of your inner substance. The woman is #ordained to be your bridge to favor. A man with the right woman goes from overwhelmed to #overflow. However, if you are waiting and thinking you can jump in like Super Fly, after she turns her attention to another man, you’re going to lose. When a woman switches off, she’s out. It’s better to state your intentions instead of saying, “I was intending to.” And don’t be, “God knows.” Yep, He knows you lost out. #BeClear #BeHappy

Where is love on your list? Not what’s been on your lips, but on your heart. Whatever is a priority gets prioritized, period. Only one ☝🏽 life to choose how you will live, laugh, and love. It’s on you. ❤️💕

If people ask, do you have a date for Valentines, tell them, “Yes, February 14th” 😁. Bye, y’all. #DoYouHaveADate