(This is love, no judgement, just mentorship.) Ladies, keep your standards UP – for dates, for phone calls, for walks in the park and adventures, doors being opened, gas being pumped, and sweet nothings. It’s a beautiful thing 💕 and shows that you are respected and valued. Until then, be found ready but willing to wait.

Do not be a chaser, Do not answer to cat calls, Do not respond to booty calls (rather texts, they don’t even call), do not ONLY text, do not ONLY messenger – don’t you get tired of that . He’s not giving you attention, he’s dangling you a carrot, maybe even just throwing you a bone. If a man can get by that lazily and cheaply, then he’s not that into you and obviously has other options at hand or isn’t ready, because he’s not investing in you. (Please tell me if I’m wrong, gentlemen.)

And, YES, there are great men out there who are desiring women who walk worthy of their value and are clear about their expectations. Good, God-fearing men are also wanting marriage, family, and fun times. And they are around!

The women I watched did it right. We call it old school but it still is the right school. Let him come to you like Luther sang it, “Excuse me, Miss, what’s your name, can I call you, can I take you out tonight” . Otherwise, stay off my row because #RomanceWins.

Whatever you set as your standard, that’s what you’ll get. And there’s a LOT of good to be gotten by being a great and gracious lady. You are worth it and so is he who recognizes that your value is above rubies.

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