It’s important to know how to walk in the “Ready” without being in a “rush”. The rush can make you move too quickly, on impulse. 

Impulse purchases are made “in the moment”, around hype, covered by the catchy packaging designed to catch your attention, with words used excite you. 

BUT, AFTER you’ve made the commitment and take it home, you get a closer look and begin to feel regret, maybe even anxiety, and you see details that you didn’t give attention to or overlooked in the hype. We learn to slow it down and think it through. And, it’s okay to say I’ll think about and get back to you. If you’re given a deadline but you don’t have peace, leave it. Walk away. A deadline with one does not mean a dead end on your desire. You are perhaps being rerouted. And, a mark of maturity is being able to make decisions that are thought out, even if the opportunity presented was not planned. 

In other words: Find me prepared and ever so READY but you will n.o.t. find me DESPERATE. 

In the process of waiting, cut off anything or anyone who wants to hold you up with stalling you, slowing you down, being vague or playing games with you while you’re in pursuit of happiness. 

With people, when you’re after purpose, a person is either in or out with you. “In” is being present and dependable, not perfect. “Out” leaves you with doubts, wandering if and when. “All In” is a win. “Inconsistent” will leave you discontent. 

You have come this far, so be willing to wait until it’s right – whether it’s for a large purchase, a big move, a spouse, a new pursuit, another investment or long-term commitment. 

I believe you want the best? Step back, wait, and rest in knowing that His will being done is the true prize. Habakkuk 2 teaches us that at the moment “it” comes, you don’t have long before it’s a sealed deal! And, Proverbs 10:22 says that it’s the blessing of the Lord that leaves you with NO sorrows, NO regrets.