If anyone says they have only been on the “winning” side of relationships, they’re telling lies …probably narcissistic. Every normal person has won and lost in love …and that’s fair because that’s living and learning.  

If I did not see the worst of me through the failure, I couldn’t give the best of me to the one who will win my heart. Embrace all of what you experience, that’s where you learn to live life at its best. 

Don’t be afraid if you leaned in to love and you fell. Thank God for growth. I’ve hurt and been hurt, that’s life, good people. But when you heal, you live. I cannot apologize to those I left hanging, for I did not know love until I knew Jesus. And, even then, boy did/does He need to work on ME 🙌🏾. I can’t make up excuses for those I couldn’t love back or settle for; you have to live in truth. Present compromise is future frustration. 

For the uncompromising – money, means, mansions, ministry, and muscle are appreciated but not the primary criteria of the man that’s meant for you. It is to be applauded, but his TRUE quality is his character. You cannot put a crown on a clown and call him a king. You shouldn’t be a dress on a mess just to make her a Mrs. 

Women, be the example. Be available for the man to come after you. If he doesn’t want to pursue you, he’s just not that into you …shut that door, don’t play games with grown men. Men, if she opens the door and you know she’s the one, go get your blessing and appreciate that she wanted to be found and not expose herself like a clown. 
Easy and agreeable are a dime a dozen. You want a grown woman who understands value. That way, she adds to your heritage, not just your social media status. Cute doesn’t cut it. Pretty won’t be powerful when you need prayer. A woman is sexiest when she knows who she is and she submits that to you!

So, relax, God has the master plan. Don’t accept the side show. Wait for him. Wait for her. And when she is found, don’t you miss out being a clown. And, ladies when he finds you, you don’t have to compromise what you do. The pain and shame of the low moments built you for just the right moment. Be who God designed you to be.