What’s the fighting all about? I’ve seen it too much and I’m sharing this in love, for growth. (And you all know I respect MEN and love my brothers who are about that Man’s Life). This is for those ‘other-lings’. 

If a man wants to make you the kind of woman who fights over him, that should make you want to fight your way away from him, in a hurry. Messy men come in all ages and are internally little boys. That’s not queen status, that’s crazy. And if you have to earn love like that, you’re in trouble. 

If you have to prove you’ll do whatever it takes ‘for your man’, contact another woman, or ‘get stupid’ to show you’re down for him; believe me, you are at the bottom of your potential. Low to no self-esteem is not healthy. Discover your own self worth even if your story is a little scandalous (Ruth, Naomi, Mary, Queen of Sheba, Well Woman, Rachel, Esther, Rahab, Abigail, Zipporah…). 

Apart from what any other person thinks about you, YOU know your own worth – diamonds value increases from the pressure. You can live your greatest life on the other side of that kind of thinking. Lift yourself to who you are, a woman of virtue, dreams, and passion to live abundantly. 

The only “B” you should answer to is “Boss” lady. (Why call yourself that other word? Are you a female dog on all fours? Really, I need someone to explain, please.) Those were fighting words in my day. Wow! 

Just who you are is enough. You are too much for some people. Be okay with it AND be it!