SOCIAL. A few week ago, I viewed a video of THREE 15-year-old boys mercilessly beating a 13-year-old boy ON A SCHOOL BUS because he reported them for trying to sell drugs to him, the 13yr old.  It was brutal and heartbreaking. I’m not sharing the video because it is too disturbing for me – the cold-heartedness. May this child and his family receive justice and healing. God help.
It’s hard to briefly state my thoughts. Reality is NOT in these tv shows which are helping to move our children deeper into a culture of disrespect it’s in EVERY neighborhood. Parents, community, church goers church and community leaders, and civic, city, and governmental leaders – WE BETTER BE ABOUT DOING OUR PART…FOR REAL. When given the opportunity to impact a life or lives, LET’S DO OUR VERY BEST. Don’t waste people’s time with an agenda other than fulfilling the purpose the hand.
Psalm 1