Edith Parkman is just an inspirational writer and I wanted to share with you, one of her wonderful posts.

When you fear God, there’s no need to fear anything else.”

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;

Psalm 111:10

I remember vividly my first plane ride.  My employers were sending me to Washington to work on a project.  Coupled with my pride at having been chosen to represent our agency was the overwhelming fear of boarding this huge piece of metal that was to take me there.  Geri, my friend and co-worker, was a seasoned traveler and was quick to assure me that all would be well.  You’ve heard all that stuff about only hearing about the planes that crash and more people die in car crashes daily, yada, yada, yada.   The only thing that brought a little comfort was  knowing my traveling companion, Rose, had made this trip many times.

Rose and I boarded the plane and settled in our seats.  After buckling in, Rose turned to me and said, “Marie, you are a Christian, aren’t you?”  “Yes, I am.” I replied.  “Good.” She said, “I’ve never gotten used to flying so I’m gonna need you to pray.”

Wow!  Here I was expecting her to help me relax, and she’s depending on my relationship with God to see us both through!  Her faith in my faith was stronger than my faith in God!  Now that was a real eye opener.  She brought my focus back to where it should have been all the time – in God.  I took her hand in mine, gave it a squeeze and prayed for the safety of everyone on the plane.

Our faith should be in God, not in the machines and contraptions man has made or the operators thereof.  No matter how much time man puts into his work, it’s still far from perfect.  When we fear and trust God, we will live as if each day, each moment may be our last and we will soon see our Savior face to face.  That shouldn’t be a fearful thing, but an expected joy.  None of us are literally begging for death, but we shouldn’t live in fear of it all the time.

I still feel the need to pray when I get on a plane…or in a car, train or even cross the street.  However, I don’t live in that crushing, paralyzing fear that would stifle me and keep me from living in peace or trying new things.  I’m in no hurry to leave this earth so I don’t take unnecessary chances or act foolishly.  But the fear of God, the reverence of Him, my trust in Him cause me to live so whenever He calls me home, I can say with assurance and without fuss, ‘Yes, Lord”.

Jus’ Sayin’!