For The One, the Single One☝🏽

I feeeeeeel for singles out there these days – the men AND women. This one is for the female viewpoint. My blog has some for the men, too.

Do We Start With Standards?

It is a blessing to know men of #character, because some of you #characters would blow it for good men.

I do not keep men as company in my home. IF one has ever been here, it is a miracle. Less than one-hand count in 15 years and the vajaja 🙅🏽‍♀️ was not for play #Standards. And, yes, one was the 🍌 peel that almost tripped me up. Is celibacy easy? Come on, nih! Nawl, y’all. But I am looking to be a wife, not a booty call.

Now, it is Corona time (the virus), and it’s “tricky.” You cannot go out, but you want companionship. You have to watch, pray, and then hope the man is decent, that who you chat with understands we are not under normal circumstances, but there are standards.
Ask Yourself, “Do I Love Me?”

I’m #fivetwo 5’2” …like Melissa McCarthy, Zoë Kravitz, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, Lisa Bonet (Aqua Man’s wife 😩) …and TALLER than 4’11” #entangled Jada Pinkett Smith, Ariana Grande, Paula Abdul, Janelle Monae… you get it. We rock👠! If you are 6’3” or 4’3”, own it and love you!

I’m #foxy by birth 😁 and workout to keep it from falling out. I stopped hiding me. God knew my whole self when He called me. I don’t want anyone else’s husband, PeriodT. I try to represent, now. Shine for yourself. Do it!

I’m feeling #fabulous in this brown skin. Nothing like being grown in your own skin. Can’t get that, til you “get it.” And only another woman who has come into her own can understand that.

I’m fighting to be physically #fit for my future sake. Life is good, and exciting developments are unfolding. I am here for it all, happily and healthy. Make the best of your season. We come all sizes and shapes, and it is beautiful.

I‘m a woman of #faith. THIS is the main thing! Fulfilling the call is my first priority. I load up my imperfections and present them to my perfect God so that He may use all of me. Here am I. Holiness is right. Strive for it. It keeps you walking straight.

I’m #faulty. I have been the best preacher, spiritual counselor, prayer partner, and signs & wonder worker. But I am learning how to be “a woman for a man” – thank God for my sisters and brothers helping me, bless their hearts, lol. I have grown. It has been humbling. Big respect for wives 🙌🏽.

The conclusion: I love me!
Am I Interested in You?

If none of those characteristics above interest a man in me as a potential WIFE … 🗣Iiiiii am not interested, happily uninterested. Never #force who you are or becoming, to be accepted by anyone. When you are the one, he is loving, patient, respectful, and open.

I’m a woman. Grown. I’m a pastor. I’m a woman🧐. You ever met a female teacher, banker, business owner, model, etc.? She is a woman who does her work. I am called to serve and committed to it. It is my “work.” I love it! I am a clergy. You be the man God has called you to be.

Your stuff, or the lack thereof, is that – stuff. A wife loads a man’s life with #favor. If you got it, good. If you do not, watch what happens with the right woman backing you. But, do not waste good women’s time.

Why the woman pastor gotta tell y’all this, Man? Leave my sisters alone if you have no good intentions. Do you #pray or are you #preying? Ultimately, you do understand that God sees you. Ladies, walk away, TODAY, if he cannot respect you properly. Whew, chile, I’M PRAYING.


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Old Matters Settled with a New Mindset

CAN YOU HEAR THIS? In August, old matters are settled with a new mindset.

Biblically, “8” is the #symbol of Resurrection and Regeneration. It symbolizes circumcision of the heart through Christ and the receiving of the Holy Spirit. Eight #means “new beginning!”(Romans 2:28-29, Colossians 2:11-13)

“NEW” beginning implies you can have an “OLD” one, too — same old thing (person, place, or thing) that should have changed by now. You know it’s time to move on. Your spirit man is ready to breathe, dream, soar.

July (7) “completed,” or can we say ‘resolved,’ some matters you needed answers for. It’s clear now. Do not struggle with the truth. Let it be what it is. Do not let the old spill over into the new. Receive August 1, as your first day of a NEW BEGINNING!






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These People


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There are people who take advantage of other people’s kindness or caring hearts. Some do it as a game, some do it because they are inconsiderate, and for some it has become a habit.

These are self-absorbed people, and you will not find satisfaction with a selfish person – not in business, as friends, in dating, sex, or even a simple conversation. You will always be “thirsty” dealing with them.

They manipulate, lie, and stoop to low levels to get what they want, with no intention to follow through. They are emotionally immature and spiritually absent of love, because they failed to grow up and be responsible, and now run from being accountable. We call them low-down. This person, man or woman, is just stunted in emotional growth, slow in relational aptitude.

If someone uses you, do not stop being kind. If you don’t get closure or an apology, do not get stuck on ‘Why.’ People are just good or bad toward others🤷🏽‍♀️. It has nothing to do with you but everything to do with the kind of person they are in heart and spirit. Unkind is as it ‘does,’ not ‘says.’

No, do not be down on yourself for believing in the best or making mistakes in the process. Learn, grow, and go.

Selfish men and women eventually run into empty brooks, another dark heart, or dry valleys. One day, they will have to reckon with themselves in the face of God. And from experience, I can say the day of reconciliation makes you remorseful and mindful. The decision to change at that point is on you!

“For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭7:10‬ 📖

Don’t worry about them being sorry for what they did to you. God has His own way and timing. Pray and let them meet justice with Jesus. Pray and protect your heart, that it does not become hard from disappointment or hurt.

Know that God WILL perfect those things that concern you. God WILL give you the desires of your heart. God LOVES you with an everlasting love. You get your win and what they did will meet its end, both with God. Now, get your peace back in place. Live and love!

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Slow Can Be Easy

When you slow down, you can think some things through and may realize you have accomplished more than you recognize.

When I was searching for software and technology to ramp up our media presentation (still in process), I researched and then, after weeks, realized I have already been using something for two years. Updates going. Done ✅

In 2018, I said that I would start my blog in 2019. 2019 came and I was busy in the community, campaign, and church. Missed my date. Tonight I’m sitting here and realize I started a blog in 2013 – This One!🤦🏽‍♀️ I just did not connect the dots. It is going. I’ll be upgrading it. Done ✅

You may be farther ahead than you think. But you can’t think about it, to remember, because you’re thinking on too much and going too fast. Slow can be easy. Focus will get you to the finish line.

I’m looking forward to glossing up some projects, putting them in others’ hands, and pushing vision forward. Take your time to sit and think.💜 #UnwindTheMind #SaveYourselfSomeTime

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No Chaser

(This is love, no judgement, just mentorship 😘) Ladies, keep your standards UP – for dates, for phone calls, for walks in the park and adventures, doors being opened, gas being pumped, and sweet nothings. It’s a beautiful thing 💕 and shows that you are respected and valued. Until then, be found ready but willing to wait.

Do not be a chaser, Do not answer to cat calls, Do not respond to booty calls (rather texts, they do not even call), do not ONLY text, do not ONLY messenger – don’t you get tired of that 🙄. He is not giving you attention, he’s dangling you a carrot, maybe even just throwing you a bone. If a man can get by that lazily and cheaply, then he’s not that into you and obviously has other options at hand or isn’t ready, because he’s not investing in you. (Please tell me if I’m wrong, gentlemen.)

And, YES, there are great men out there who are desiring women who walk worthy of their value and are clear about their expectations. Good, God-fearing men are also wanting marriage, family, and fun times. And they are around!

The women I watched did it right. We call it old school but it still is the right school. Let him come to you like Luther sang it, “Excuse me, Miss, what is your name, can I call you, can I take you out tonight” 😍. Otherwise, stay off my row because #RomanceWins.

Whatever you set as your standard, that’s what you’ll get. And there is a LOT of good to be gotten by being a great and gracious lady. You are worth it and so is he who recognizes that your value is above rubies. #ChurchLady #Standards #ThankYouMamas #EchoZoeHaveLifeJohn1010

I Am Not the Same

📖Inspiration for Meditation

▫️You WERE a sinner.

▫️You ARE saved by grace.

You can’t be both at the same time.

▫️You are a new creation in Christ Jesus.

▫️You are declared holy, blameless, and beyond reproach.

2 Corinthians 5:17, 21; Romans 5:8-11

▫️Throw off the sin tags. That issue is settled.

▫️Possess your inheritance. Live real and healed!

Colossians 1:12-14; Ephesians 1:11



Today, while broadcasting at church, my worship hit a real, tender spot (Pastor Russell’s anointing as a minstrel does that).

It was like I saw a flash of the last couple of months of my personal decisions — not church, not ministry, not prayer, but personal. I thought, “What was I thinking?”

My next thought was, “Lord, forgive me. Heal me. Redeem the times.” (Please do not read too much into that. Just daily living stuff. Don’t be deep.)


While spiritually laboring through this carnal chaos (the pandemic), I 1) experienced intense personal trials, and 2) made a personal decision that I regret (emotional pandemonium). I tried a “first-time” this and that …for the last time (And, for the nosy, Yes, still celibate🤦🏽‍♀️). As a single pastor, the call is still my priority.

From my decisions, I earned learned lessons. As Bigmama would call them, “bought lessons.”


As I have talked and listened to others, “alone-ness” (for many) is real and can be deafening 👉🏽in times like these.

Alone-ness is not lonely. (Being alone does not need sympathy. Being lonely promotes pity.)

Alone is being in solitude, by yourself. It is not necessarily a negative thing. We can all appreciate some alone time. #Lonely, on the other hand, is the feeling of sadness in isolation.

Yes, being alone can lead to loneliness but is not automatic. Whether ‘married in ministry’ or as a ‘booed up bishop,’ you can still feel lonely, though you are not alone. You can be in a house full of people and still feel lonely, isolated.


I love singleness. It is free and fulfilling. I always say “ready” does not mean “desperate” #AhtAhtNope🙅🏽‍♀️. Take your time.

We, men and women, should understand that physical attraction does not mean compatible and a title or the ability to quote the Bible does not make someone bonafide.

Waiting on the right one can try to wear you down. My advice: wait. While you wait, do things you enjoy. Enjoy your friends. It is a big, big world – even virtually. Explore. Expect. Enjoy.


People need people, on some level – big or small. And, our humanness can get hugely distracting when we are busily worn and torn.

The demands of this pandemic have challenged the most disciplined leaders to find and maintain balance. We need good Godly sense and providential peace to continue leading.

My church knows they have a real one😁. And they love me🙌🏽. But, they should always know they have a pastor aiming to please God above ALL – not just preaching, praying, and then playing church. This is the real deal! We are living sacrifices.


It would take too long to say how much I have learned about myself, but I will say it is important to know and recognize what makes you open and or vulnerable, and in what times you are most susceptible.

For some of us, busi-ness was the superpower. Now, discipline has to be.

Wandering and wondering could happen when we are not accountable and alert. I keep checks and balances, because we all NEED that.


Temptation. The external enemy or the “inner me?” We all have desires. Some are fulfilled. Some are pending.

Recognize that the devil follows after the move of the dove. The oil will attract flies. (a whole other lesson)

I am simply trying to say that, to want something that is right to want, is okay. You are human, and God’s will is to give you the desires of your heart. The desire is not the sin. If you try to fulfill the desire outside of the timing and or design of the Lord, sin can enter in. (James 1)


Look, my “wait on the Lord” has exceeded 20 years. Can it provoke compromise or weariness? Sure. Does it excuse righteous living? Not at all.

Hang in there. Do not faint. You will reap in due season. Do not let your faith faint. I prefer hurt feelings now over a hurt future.


This morning, I had to tell God “Thank You” for being a keeper and the lover of my soul. Our times are in His hands. He helps the hurting and delivers us from dangers. 🗣Thank. You. Jesus. for loving us like you do.

I pray the love of the dove continues to woo you.

🙏🏽 If it will harm my future, Hurt my feelings with a disconnect. Your will be done, not mine. Amen #whoisprayingthehardholyprayers🙏🏽

(These are personal thoughts, not a theological study, but the Bible is still my undercurrent. Tune in to Bible Class for biblical studies.) #SundayEveningRead #ChurchLady

Feelings are not Just a Trip but a Whole Journey

This is a single pastor’s pov (point of view), but I think any person can benefit. Been compiling this for a bit …get some tea ☕️.


#TheBubbleBurst These last few years of “opening myself up” to a potential future mate has left me like “whew chile, y’all can have this back,” unsettling my soul😩. But, last night, I finally “got it.” Nothing deep. Maybe I just finally acknowledged the obvious.

I am a pastor (not that 😁). While dealing with a coronavirus concern, in addition to a ‘mountain of mole hills,’ we serve so many others in their emotional moments. And we love helping, finding fulfillment in God’s call.

In the meantime, we, or maybe just “we, the me,” don’t have the luxury of processing our own emotions. What we go through – majority cannot see it and fewer can ‘get it.’ We just keep going. It is the nature of the service. No pity. #builtforit


#MatureNotManage Now, here is where I gained some clarity. I have been asking the Lord, “Why is it difficult for ME to navigate my own feelings?” – this is about the boy / girl kind, to be clear😉.

Give me ministry – done ✅; give me a project – handled ✅; give me a crisis – calm, collected, killing it ✅; need a counselor – crushing it ✅; preach – here for it ✅. But, dealing with these things called “personal feelings” – 🛑 wait, what 👀.

You rattle me, and I am from 0 to 7, to 52, to bam 💥 forget it. #Why? My conclusion: The variables are not predictable, and I cannot use my skill sets to “fix it” 🥺😤🙅🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🥴🤛🏾.

I am better now, on a scale of 1-10, I am down to 12, Lolol. I AM LEARNING A NEW #LIFE SKILL🤭. Your imperfections take nothing from you. Your honesty gives you space to grow.

▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️CH. 3

#ThatManMakesMe A #mature, solid man calms me. He is clear in his intentions and steady. No drama😍. A #grown man after an understanding is reassuring, because his intentions are clear🥰. But that #inconsistent one, this man will incite an internal riot 🤡 (for women, in general, and especially me). And a woman’s first response to feeling unsafe is to leave that “place,” in a hurry.

I am working – tempering myself, allowing myself to feel …my feelings. And, it’s rough, y’all. For years, my “feelings range” was connected to miracles, compassion for others’ welfare, seeing others blessed, and in death. Ministry is what I knew best.

And meanwhile, the man who did love me unconditionally, died unexpectedly. Then the man who truly cared as a friend, cheered for me, would catch a flight for me, and opened national doors for me, he died suddenly, too. Gone. Lord, Lord. Empty. Hurt. Didn’t realize how much each meant and did for me, until after.

Now, I am meeting new “kinds” of ‘man people,’ and it is different 😷. Who was raised by pawpaw and Unc? We can relate. The ones raised by dm’s and girls 🏃🏾‍♀️ after you, it does not compute. Thank God, there are still some GREAT, chivalrous men. #boss

▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️CH. 4

#WoodenNickels It takes a mature, solid person to understand the weight of ANY pastor. When they “see” you in that context, he or she does not treat you like a wooden nickel. (I will explain.)

If someone always brings uncertainty to your space, causes emotional tailspins, cannot commit, leaves you in limbo, or handles you the SAME WAY as the guy or gal on social media that they👍🏽 for tight shirts and mini skirts, you already know they see you as ‘just a another male or female.’ The God-part of your value does not register. Clears thoak (throat), ‘Excuse me, sir’ …👉🏽🚪.

▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️CH. 5

#TheLoads Pastors facilitate public, stable environments where there is chaos. That takes a lot! It is mental, emotional, and spiritual work. Any person who has even thought about what pressures a pastor deals with, would never ADD to their mental stress or emotional distress.

But, someone who cannot understand the call on you cannot help but aggravate 🤨 you. That person is either not built for you and what God gave you or has yet to gain an understanding of it.

🗣Please LISTEN: If a pastor (or called person, I should say) has to turn and carry extra personal #loads where they should be able to #unload, you will see them react to #overload. The call won’t quit but they will quit on you. Even if they did not want to.

▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️CH. 6

#DoingTooMuchButNotEnough Here is my #AHA moment. My💡came on, a realization that I must accept. Simple but so powerfully true.

👉🏽Only a ready, committed and consistent person should even consider a relationship with a pastor.👈🏽

Ready to explore marriage potential at a slow but steady pace – what is known as courtship, not random dating. #Committed to pursuing the relationship with that person – investing time and attention. #Consistent in honoring them like they honor you – there is just no “play games” time. Those days are done. If that is too much #to you, you will be too much #for them to deal with. Period.

▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️CH. 7

#WholenessInSingleness Make no mistake, I found wholeness in my singleness, though it is sometimes treated in church as something that needs to be “fixed.” I know the gift of singleness and love the perks.

Top biblical leaders were in fact single. The same God and Spirit who filled and anointed them still do the same for us – singles like Paul, Anna, Martha, Jeremiah, Lydia… and perhaps you heard of Jesus.

Also, keep in mind, a Pastor is not looking for another Pastor to marry. A Pastor is a PERSON who has a call to fulfill, a human who prays to meet their soul mate – not a play date, not a social media bae, not to be prey, but someone to love, share life with, and laugh a lot with – another person.

It amazes me that a single MALE PASTOR gets encouraged to seek out and marry a Christian vixen boo who is not “just” churchy only, and the FEMALE PASTOR is told, wait, God is building you a man, he ‘needs’ to be a powerful man, probably a Pastor. 🗣Stoppppppppp! A good godly man and good godly woman who will love, respect, and honor each other – that is the goal. #LoveAndHappiness

▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️CH. 8 The End

#iWillSayThisThough It is werk, working through these raw and turbulent things called ‘feelings,’ BUT they are so worth exploring. I am on the journey, because I am headed somewhere and want to be prepared.😊

Oh, and Yep, still celebate and holding. It is no joke. Perfect all 20+ years? By no means. But I am not taking bae-cations with it, hopping on and off. Steady. Ready. Not desperate. The wedding day will be delightful.

I hope this helps someone. It did me. You all know my Let’s Talk Live conversations. I just talk about it, because I am not the only one.

👉🏽 I tell y’all what! When I get married, you nevaaaa have to worry about seeing me want to be in the 2020 world of singlehood, again. Too much. Too much.


One day I will talk about how temptation heightens in times of high-pressure assignments. Do not work with the dove and then let the devil throw your celebration party.

This is just some topical writing, not a theological read. I also have thoughts on what does it look like in the church for a woman pastor to marry a non-pastoring man.

(I know this carries over into other professions. Duly noted. God bless you.)

Testimony: God will keep the light on for you.

▫️ #Testify. God will keep the light on for you! You won’t miss your turn, even with time passing.

▫️Last year a couple of networks contacted me with broadcast opportunities – no time to seriously consider it🏃🏾‍♀️. One called, again. You still want me?

▫️So, all systems are on go. God has expanded the viewing audience from Cable One, Media 3, & social media, to now joining the NOW Network family. We begin broadcasting this Spring.

▫️It will be a variety ministry broadcast to reach those who could be and should be on fire for Jesus. We want to revive faith and relight saints’ passion. We will win souls for Jesus. And, if you’re traveling, shut-in, can’t make service, but need a word, tune in. Let’s Talk. Let’s Preach. Let’s Teach.

▫️ Let’s see where this launching pad will take us. Will you pray with me? There is grateful work to do! #Wednesdays7pCST #launchingMarch25 #GodRedeemsTheTime

▫️Grateful for my pastor, Dr. Terry L. Weems, trusting me to continue producing outreach content. Thankful for the support of Pastor Dr. Valerie Bass Russell, our NLFC & ACTS fellowship families, NLFM, Inc., and those who have been encouraging me behind the scenes – Pastor Sam Alexander and Pastor Gregory Partman. Jubilee Performing Arts Conservatory visionary Dr. Terrance Alexander was one of the first to openly prophesy this in a prayer meeting at Stateline COGIC years ago. He has since pushed behind the scene. I appreciate Sir Ernest and his Jacksonville, FL team embracing me with his Impact Network Television broadcast vision, introducing me to international tv. God is kind. To HIM be praise.

▫️ The NOW Network family broadcasts on #NTS Ch.249, #litestream Ch.80, #TikiLIVE Ch.106, #NKTelco, #rodeonetworks Ch.364, #FTC Ch.259, to over 30 Million Cable TV homes in TX, LA, CA & TN, FL, SC, WA, KS, MI. Also, find us on #Roku and online. #theNOWnetwork

▫️ She asked, “Are you ready to move forward?” The light was still on. I’m headed that way. (photo by me 2/14💜)

Tasha Dillon Ministries

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